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Interactive CRISPR gRNA design tool

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We are introducing a new GenScript bioinformatic tool every month. In addition, a surprise gift will be sent out to the ones who use the tool. Please stay tuned for the free biological tool and attractive promotion by the 3rd week of each month!

CRISPR gRNA design tool

GenScript free gRNA sequence design tool was developed by the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. Our gRNA design tool will identify gRNAs for use with wild-type S. pyogenes Cas9 for any DNA sequence you input.

Will you be one of the 100 lucky winners?

From now until 5/17/2020, the first 100 gRNA design tool users of everyday will get a $20 coupon for crRNA synthesis service (SC1838) and a 20% off coupon for customized gRNA library service (SC1994). The lucky customers can get coupons on the gRNA designing result display webpage.

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