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Protein yabo体育yabo体育首页s Portfolio

Let our recombinant antibody and protein expression
Expertsyabo体育首页 help and achieve your research goals!

Protein yabo体育yabo体育首页s Portfolio

As a leading provider of a comprehensive suite of recombinant protein and antibody services across different expression platforms, Genscript seeks to partner with scientists all over the world to accelerate scientific discovery. Our proprietary GenSmart™ Codon Optimization technology and High Density (HD) expression platform ensures the delivery of high quality products in a flexible, cost-effective manner, in the least amount of time. Our expertyabo体育首页 scientists and dedicated technical account managers are invested in helping to maximize the success of your research project, and will guide you every step of the way.

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Most Popular Protein Expression yabo体育yabo体育首页s

Recombinant Antibody Expression

High Throughput Gene to Antibody

For orders of 4+ antibodies
(amount: < 1 mg per antibody)


For individual antibody orders
yabo体育首页 (amount: 5 – 100 mg)

Customized Antibody

Flexible antibody design & quantity
(amount: varies according to need)

Expression Systems

We also offer a variety of cell line development services:

  • Assay cell line development using our patented CellPower™ platform.

  • GenCRISPR™ mammalian cell line services for targeted gene knockouts.

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