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Our Heart Goes Out to You,
Our Heroes in Combating COVID-19

Together with the scientific community, we map, prevent, diagnose, develop cures, and give during COVID-19

We have never been so cognizant, that our species is so fragile, and that we biologists still face important problems to solve in the 21st century.

yabo体育首页While our revered communities of biologists – yes, that is you – are working hard behind the scene to map the virus, find ways to prevent, detect or to cure COVID-19, we are doing everything we can to support these efforts within and beyond the scope of our business:

  • We distributed critical reagents for diagnostic kits to laboratories and cloud scientists so they can develop accurate tests
  • We accelerated gene synthesis for vaccine developers so they could get to work faster
  • We fund and collaborate with hospitals and research institutions in search for antibodies that cure the disease

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all biologists who are in this fight together to annihilate COVID-19, as well as to those who work in genetics, biochemistry, academics, patient care, who are enabling these breakthrough advances. This is a battle we cannot lose, and we, as scientists of this world on which we live today, are on it together.

yabo体育首页Everyone at GenScript wishes you good health, mind, and spirit during this difficult time. We will continue finding ways to serve our communities, heeding your needs and opinions, and advancing your projects even when the world is at halt.

Voices From The Frontline

keeps receiving voices from the frontlines battling COVID-19. They are medical workers, immunologist, virologists, etc. No matter what roles they present, they stand fast in their positions.

Zamfir Salaman

"In the battle to overcome the CoV-2 pandemic, I exist in 3 essential medical/scientific roles. These include lead EMT of the CoV Rapid Response team, Lab research and development and an undergraduate Biochemist, and CoV Anesthesia Unit as an Anesthesia technician. Addressed is the 2 direct medical positions I hold; EMT and Anesthesia technician."

Promising Discoveries On SARS-CoV-2

yabo体育首页To date, over 23 publications on SARS-CoV-2 have cited and acknowledged GenScript for high quality services and products provided to accelerate the coronavirus research covering diagnostic detection reagents development, vaccine and therapeutics discovery. We are proud to help the global scientific community from 92 laboratories in 8 countries, and the human population by making research easy with our sophisticated technologies.

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yabo体育首页In addition to these findings, the cloud scientist community on is sharing their research advances.

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