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Biologics Discovery and Development

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A One-Stop Solution For Biologics yabo体育yabo体育首页s

For over 16 years, GenScript has been a world leader in generating high quality, application driven, cost-effective custom services for Biologics discovery and development. Our proprietary technology platforms in a variety of domains make us very competitive in the biologics space. We are truly one-stop provider from target discovery to INDyabo体育首页 application that aligns conformity to the regulations for applications to FDA/CFDA/EMA. GenScript has in-depth understanding of industrial standards of biological drug discovery and development. The World's top pharmaceuticals and academic Institutions use our discovery and development services with GMP compliant manufacturing.

Our Track Record


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16+ years

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Working With Organizations

Key yabo体育yabo体育首页s in Biologics Development

Stable Cell line Development

  • Cell Pool Development
  • Cell Line Development

Upstream & Downstream Processing

  • Media & Feeding Selection
  • Process Development & Optimize
  • Scale up Purification Process Development & Optimization
  • Virus inactivation/Removal

GMP Facility

  • GMP Scale up DS Manufacture (200 L, 500 L & 2000 L) Formulation & Packaging

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Our R&D Facilities

yabo体育首页Cell Laboratory

PD laboratory

Analytical laboratory

Assay Laboratory

GMP Compliant Manufacture Facility

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